Dorico 5 crashing problem?

Hi, Everyone.
New Dorico user; I purchased Dorico5 Pro a few months ago and the product worked well.

Recently I installed the free version of Kontakt7 Player and then the French Millenium Organ from Streamtech. I then began to experience my computer shutting down after running these programs in Dorico. I can open files and work on them, but when I get to the point of closing them, a spinning disc appears and usually my computer will shut down and try to restart itself over and over.

Not sure how to proceed with this so I have a Dorico Diagnostic from earlier today that I can share to see if someone can point me in the right direction to solve this.

Dorico (464.8 KB)

I am using a desktop Mac. MacOS Ventura 13.6.4. It uses an Apple M1 chip.

Thanks for any help you can give me with this.

I just remembered that I have an earlier diagnostic report with some VST audio engine information in the crash sub-headings. I’ll go ahead and put that in if that’s of any more help to you.
Thanks again.

Dorico Diagnostics (910.1 KB)

Kontakt7 has caused me problems with Dorico. NI have recently issued an update and it seems to behave better (though I’m on Windows, so the issues may be different)

Thank you, Janus, for your reply. I’ll look into that for Mac users.

I’m a fairly low-tech, old-fashioned type; and encountering a three-variable computer problem is a real challenge for me! But what I have come across so far around the internet seems to point to the Kontakt player.

Thanks again.

Welcome to the forum, Brian, and thanks for sharing your diagnostics. As you report, it looks like Dorico and/or the audio engine is hanging when you try to quit the application. Nothing seems to be crashing, as there are no crash logs in your diagnostics.

Next time you quit Dorico and it hangs, please run Activity Monitor on your Mac, and from the little menu in the toolbar of the application, choose Spindump, which will take a sample of all the processes running on your computer. Save that file to your desktop, zip it up, and then attach it here. Hopefully that will give us a clue as to what’s going on.

Thanks for taking a look at this. Sometimes the problem doesn’t show up for a day or two, so now that I have your instructions, I’ll pass on whatever new information I can.

Again, thank you.

Well, this is typical! Like when I make an appointment to see my doctor, and the day before the visit the problem goes away!

I doubt, however, that this computer problem has completely resolved itself all on its own. I suspect it will show up again sometime soon. But at least I have located where my Spindump is, so I can follow your instructions when the time arises.

Thanks again for your help so far.

Sure enough, as soon as I mention this, the problem pops back up today!

I managed to get a Spindump report generated right as I thought the machine was going to go wonky. That’s the report I’ll put in this post. I got a second Spindump to run after the computer turned itself off – then back on again. Hoping either one of these can help you narrow down what’s going on with the programs I’m working with.

Brian (305.6 KB)

Just in case the reply couldn’t handle two attachments, here’s the second of the two Spindump reports that I generated. (451.2 KB)

Thanks again for the data. I’m too sleepy now to take a close look but will do tomorrow. Catch you later.

Pleasant dreams.

Thanks @BrianS_OK .
Taking a deeper look, unfortunately it does not become more clear now.
But I did see that you don’t have the latest Dorico version installed. Would you please update to the latest 5.1.32 and see if that one behaves better with you? Thanks

Thanks for taking a look at this, Ulf. It’s too bad the reports didn’t indicate where the problem lies. Yes, I’ll take care of the update and see how things go.

I’ll certainly pass on any additional information about all this as it comes to light.

Thanks again,

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A couple of interesting things have happened. First, I downloaded the recent Update – it doesn’t seem to have much effect on the problem, though.

Also, the glitch has begun to show up at the start of a new project, rather than wait until I was closing the project for the day. Today, I started a new solo organ piece as a test; and when I got to assigning the Millenium Organ through Kontakt 7, Dorico shut down. A Steinberg pop-up appeared stating that a few “crash exits” had occurred and asked if I wanted to send a report. I replied “yes.” You may see it somewhere, I suppose. On the second attempt I was able to start the new project.

I did run a new Spindump report after today’s glitch occurred. (451.2 KB)
Don’t know if this will be of any use to you, but it did occur at a new point in the Dorico process.

Finally, there’s this: About a week ago, I tried to start some solo organ projects with the factory-installed Halion Concert Organ for the sound library. I thought everything was going ok until I started entering notes and trying playback. There was no sound. Other sounds work fine – the strings, winds, brass, etc. But no organ. I tried Noteperformer next, but the sound comes out as Brass Quintet.

This seems really messed up! I know there is a resolution to all this at some point in my future, and I’m very eagerly awaiting it.

I thought it might help for you to see a test that I ran with the Halion concert organ.
Test 1.dorico (588.6 KB)

As always, I appreciate the time you are taking to look into this. And it’s probably time to look more closely at Kontakt and how it’s working in all this.

Thank you,

Hi @BrianS_OK , though you pressed OK to send Steinberg an error report automatically, we can’t trace them back to individual users. Therefore please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report again and post the corresponding zip file here. That should contain the crash dumps that I want to have a look at.

Dorico (588.0 KB)

Ok, let’s see if this helps.

Hi, looks like a crash in HALion Sonic. Will come back later again…

HI, this may be of interest. The latest Kontakt released combined with Sonoma 14.4 and 14,4.1 and M2 or M3 chips sparks time to time panic crash, systematically with external screen, with a complete restart of the Mac. I have been told by Native Instrument support that the bug is quite a nasty one. It seems that the beta 3 of Sonoma 14.5 solves the problem so I am waiting for the new release to come soon I hope.

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Hi @kcnarf007 ,
your posting is relevant, but unfortunately not in this thread. Brian has a different problem. So please post in the other threads that deal with kernel panic issue.

Understood !

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