Dorico 5 crashing / Sonoma 14.5


Dorico 5 is constantly crashing. Apparently there’s no particular issue causing it. Attaching here the Diagnostic.
Dorico (611.1 KB)

Welcome to the forum! Sorry you’ve had this experience, which isn’t usual, for the most part.

I’m sure one of the team will be along to comb through the logs, but perhaps you could try removing any ‘additional’ stuff like audio/MIDI hardware and third-party VSTs, and see if that stops the crashes. Then add back one thing at a time.

It looks as if the crashes might be due to the audio engine having frozen or hung. The crashes show that Dorico is trying to communicate with the audio engine, and failing to do so, which can result in a crash. Are you using a new or different set of plug-ins than you have been using in the past?

At least I can say that the audio engine is not crashing at the timing when Dorico goes down… I can see at the crashing time the audio engine logs are still normal . @dspreadbury please send me the resolved Dorico dumps, please? Thanks a lot


Hi Daniel, I’m using the same plug ins as always. The only change was really the upgrade from Sonoma 14.1 to 14.5 and reinstalling the OS.

It crashes regularly for me, too.
One of the thngs that keps coming back up is that it’s saying that essential components for Dorico cannot be found.
In particular:
Indian Drum Basics
Groove Agent SE5 Content
Olympus Choir Micro
Even though I am not calling on those components, and even though I have re-installed those components. Several times.

Hi @brentishere , missing contents files don’t lead to crashes, so those are two separate issues. And also the cause of crashes can be a multitude, therefore please also provide a diagnostic report and we can have a look at the contained crash files. Thank you very much.

Nacho, Ulf was kind enough to take a look at your crash logs. It looks like the issue is caused by MIDI devices changing unexpectedly while Dorico is running. Dorico can normally cope with MIDI devices appearing or disappearing while the application is running, but in rare circumstances it can lead to crashes.

If it’s possible for you to disconnect any MIDI devices that you have connected to your computer to see whether that increases stability, that’s something you could try in the immediate term.

Thanks, Daniel and Ulf. Will try that. I’m also experiencing some delays when opening Dorico. Right now I’m without any external MIDI device connected. I receive a message saying Dorico is taking long to open, asking if I want to terminate the opening. I’m attaching the diagnostic.

Dorico (1.0 MB)

Hi @Nachogon , thanks for the data.
It appears to me that around 9pm you wanted to finish a session, but the audio engine did not shutdown. You then started Dorico again which tries to connect to the audio engine that is still around but is in a funny state where it does not allow connections, therefore Dorico thinks the audio engine is not around and therefore also quits.
Can you please try it out again, but as a start first reboot your machine.
Still the same?