Dorico 5 doesn't find Halion Sonic


I just realized Dorico 5 doesn’t recognize Halion Sonic SE, that I already had since Dorico 3. Do I have to install it again in the Dorico 5 page through the Steinberg Download Assistant app?

PS : I lookedin the preferences to see if the VST was blacklisted, which is not the case…



Have you tried with HALion 7? I think that’s what replaces it…

I just looked again and there is a Halion Sonic SE VST located in the Steinberg Synth subcategory. However, when I choose any of the playback templates designed for Halion, it deletes everything and moves back to !! Halion Sonic (like in my screenshot). Therefore, there is no automatic pairing with the instruments in my score because I have to manually go back to Halion Sonic SE in the Synth subcategory.

I don’t have anything called Halion 7 though.

Download and use HALion Sonic instead.

This may or may not be related to your problem but I had constant crashing with Cubase 12 for a couple of days until someone suggested I rid my machine of all references to Halion Sonic SE. My experience is that Halion Sonic SE, when replaced by Halion Sonic 7, doesn’t actually get replaced but stays on the machine and causes problems, like the uninstall program doesn’t work properly.

Hope you get yours working.


Thank you all!

I installed Halion 7 and I uninstalled Halion Sonic SE 3 and it worked fine