Dorico 5 Download Problem

I purchased and downloaded Dorico 5 yesterday as an upgrade to Dorico 4.3 I’ve ended up with both Dorico 4 and Dorico 5 on the hard drive and the response time in attempting to use Dorico 5 is very, very slow. Seems like Dorico 5 should have over-written the files from Dorico 4. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m inclined to try and delete Dorico 4 files but don’t want to do so until/unless I know that’s the correct path.
Thanks for any help/advice that folks can offer.

No, when you install Dorico 5, older versions (before 5) are left in place. You may still use v.4 if you want. And if you’re happy with version 5, you can safely delete the Dorico 4 application. Dorico 5 will use the same preference files and other settings as the previous version, so it’s better to not delete other Dorico folders. Also don’t open both applications at the same time, because AFAIK, they will interfere by both trying to access the audio engine.

That is far from normal, so perhaps create a Diagnostic Report (from the Help menu), and upload here. Give some indication of what it is you’re doing that takes a long time.

Dorico (2.9 MB)

Ben: The problem arose when I brought a Finale XML file over into Dorico. I’ve started working on a new file in Dorico and everything is working smoothly. The problem (whatever it is) has to do with the XML file from Finale.

Does the Finale file contain tuplets? They can often cause some problems when imported.

This is an choral-orchestral score by Coleridge-Taylor from 1903
It’s loaded with tuplets. Past experience with how Finale handles (or doesn’t) tuplets and the negative impact they have on XML files has been frustrating. That’s one (of many) reasons I switched to Dorico a year ago. Sadly, I engraved a large number of scores in Finale using shared staves for divided parts. Cues are virtually impossible to do correctly. I find that for my sanity, I’m generally better off reworking the scores in Dorico than trying to import Finale XML files.