Dorico 5 Elements keeps freezing (beach volley ball of death, followed by a crash)

Hi there - my Dorico 5 Elements keeps freezing (beach volleyball and non responsive) when I am working in it after about 20-30 min or so and forces me to restart the computer every time. My OSX is Monterey (laters version) and I am only using headphones (via default audio engine) . I have the latest version of Dorico installed and have tried to delete the audio engine from my Library/Preferences. Have also done a clean reinstall of everything via Steinberg download manager and don´t have any third party vsts allowed. Does anyone here have an idea what else I could do to possibly fix this?

Welcome to the forum @Arni11.

Not immediately fixing, but for getting a better overview please choose on Dorico’s menu the item Help > Create Diagnostics Report and paste the corresponding zip file to a reply here. Thanks
hppefully we will find inside crash dumps. Those help us most.


Thank you, I just did. Here is the diagnostic report

Dorico (1.1 MB)

It looks like a few of the VST plug-ins on your system are causing some instability. I would suggest seeing if there are updates available for Kontakt (you seem to be running Kontakt 5, and perhaps the latest Kontakt 7 would run more stably?), Scaler2, and ScalerAudio2. These plug-ins have all caused the VST scanner module inside Dorico’s audio engine to crash at least once.

Next time you get the beachball, run Activity Monitor and create a spindump following these steps:

Zip up the resulting text file and attach it here, so we can take a look and see what might be going on.

Alright, will look into that and post again - I don´t understand though how vst 3party plugins could be causing an interference If I am currently blocking all of them. I use no 3rd party vst within Dorico. After deleting these plugins I am currently stuck on ,Intiliazing Action Phase" window when opening up the program

Is that the exact text that is showing on the splash screen? If so, I suppose that you deleted something too much. I would try a re-installation of Dorico

Hello again. I have removed the old Kontakt plugin (although I do not have any vsts enabled), reinstalled everything numerous times and I am still encountering the freezing error. Should I post here the newest Crash report from Diagnostics?

Yes, please do.

Dorico (2.3 MB)

The hang logs in the diagnostics show that Dorico is waiting for the audio engine to be initialised. Paging @Ulf in case he has some ideas about why the audio engine is unable to be initialised.

Not really an idea, yet, but @Arni11 if it hangs like that, could you please open the Activity Monitor app and take a spindump? That would definitely help me.
How to create a spindump you ask? Here is a description.

Hi again Ulf. Here is the Spindump Spindump.pdf (2.8 MB)

Thanks for the data, but unfortunately the pdf format is not good, because it reformats everything and I’m loosing the oversight. So please do again and don’t convert the output to a pdf but just plain text instead. Before uploading here, simply compress it into a zip file. Zips are also allowed as attachments.
But it would be even better if we could have a remote screen sharing session via e.g. Zoom. What do you think?

Ah I see, that´s the reason why I exported it to a pdf because of this forum. Here you go! (511.1 KB)