Dorico 5: exporting stems, and workflow tips?

Hi everyone,

I use Dorico pretty much for everything out of late, with a combination of my libraries hosted in VEP and NPPE. But I need stems for file delivery, mixing and mastering and I can’t find a good way to handle them in Dorico.

I wonder the following:

  1. I don’t know why but it’s very slow on my machine to export stems from Dorico, using VEP seems to aggravate the issue. I’m talking crazy long times compared to a DAW. Does anyone experience this? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. The stem selector window is very small and hard to navigate and the instruments aren’t correctly ordered making it harder to pick. How do you handle it?
  3. It’d be awesome if I could export stems by instrument families or some other options like that. Something like strings, brass, woodwinds, etc. Maybe based on the groups you configure in the Setup windows. Has anyone found any workaround for it? I’m thinking maybe I should mute instrument groups and make several full mixdowns, not ideal of course, but could be a solution.


I’ve been thinking all day about how to approach it for a current project of mine, and I think I might have a solution so I’ll share it. I still need to fully test it during the delivery of this soundtrack but so far so good.

As I mentioned my current workflow is NPPE + instruments hosted in VEP, I also like to have stems for some Noteperfomer instruments as well like brass which I think are quite decent, I’ve been using them for layering.

So I started playing around with Dorico’s mixer and a proper routing for being able to mute instrument families from there and export audio with the corresponding instrument families soloed so the file only has that.

One big tip for handling Noteperformer generated channels (or any other instrument) is to pick the option to only show one channel for the endpoint (unless you want moe). I configured NPPE to route audio to 5 or 6 different stereo channels (basically instrument families for now)

And it’s working like a charm. I just need to rename the filenames after exporting but that way I only have to deal with 5, 6 stems of premixed audio instead of a ton of single instruments I don’t really need.

A user of Vi-control just gave me the idea of selecting stems for exports by switching layouts in Dorico. That works better than creating stems in the mixer and muting the others. Basically, you create layouts for all the stems you might need. For example: Strings, or Hi and Lo strings, etc, etc. And then add only the instruments you want to that layout.

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