Dorico 5 frequent failure to start audio engine at startup

Hi everyone,
I am a fairly new user of Dorico. A recurrent but not serious problem I am encountering is that the program closes at startup after failing to start the audio engine. This is more an annoyance than a real hindrance as launching again Dorico after it closes in this way does resolve the issue, but just in case others may have the same problem, and for the developer team information, I post here one the Diagnostics that Dorico produces when this happens.

Dorico (390.8 KB)

I also noticed that this tends to happen after a change of playback template or a change of VST plugin in the previous work session with Dorico.

Just in case: this happens with both Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro current trial versions. I am working on Windows 10.


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Hi @pyl , thanks for the data. It contains 5 dump files of the Dorico audio engine. 4 of them are of size 0, i.e. they are invalid and I can’t do anything with them. However, the other one (with proper size) does load into my debugger.
I can see a known pattern where the audio dead locks suddenly .
You say it does not bother you, but still, you could try swtiching off ASIO Guard and see how that works with your computer.
Open the Dorico Preferences dialog, go to the Play tab and scroll all the way down and unfold the Advanced Settings. There you can disable ASIO Guard, but please also note that you have to restart Dorico to make the change take effect.

Thanks for the fast answer and the suggestion. This seems to have solved the problem.


PS: when I said it was more an annoyance than a problem, I meant that as I had a workaround, this had a low priority, especially on a weekend :grinning: .

No worries, my pleasure. :smiley:

I’m afraid I spoke too fast. The problem resurfaced again. Here is the diagnostics zipped folder, in case this is of any help to pinpoint the origin of the problem.
Dorico (310.7 KB)


PS: I also found quite a few dump files in my home folder under Steinberg > CrashDumps. Let me know if you wish to have a look at these.

Thanks for the new diagnostics. Indeed they contain 4 dump files, but they are all of zero size, but since they are freeze dumps they most likely have the same deadlock condition as the other one dump from before.
The dump files that are in in your home directory are also usually pick ed up by the diagnostics handler, so I expect no newer or different files there than I already have from you. But please check and send me, if you find more of them. Thanks