Dorico 5 fresh install - error messages

I have a brand new MacBook Air 15 M2
I installed Dorico 5 with no prior installations or without migrating from a Time Machine backup.
Regardless of how many times I reinstall Dorico content files, I keep getting these error messages:

I didn’t change any default path or anything. What is happening and how can I fix this?


…and regardless of how many times I keep reinstalling everything from the Download Manager, I get this message upon opening for some reason.

Could something have made the resident folders for these files Read Only?

What happens if you search for them using the Steinberg (not the Dorico) Library Manager program?

Thanks but I don’t understand what you’re suggesting

Steinberg Library Manager is the utility that helps you organise all your Steinberg sound libraries (which includes the three you appear to have problems with). It will tell you what is located where (and allow you to move them if you want).

This is what I see:

If one clicks on Details, one can see where each file has been installed.
One can then check that folder to be sure it is still there and that one has permission to access it.

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how do I check the “permission”? And shouldn’t this all be automatic since it’s a completely fresh install on a brand new computer?

One way of checking the file permission is navigating with Finder to the file and do a right-click on it, then choose Get Info from the pop-up menu.

And normally yes, you are quite right. The Download Assistant should download and install everything perfectly into place, but on your machine apparently that did not do well.
You have, as it seems, some stuff still lying in the Downloads folder and even registered with the Library Manager in there. So things went totally wrong with the contents files.
Cleaning up this mess will become a little difficult but it is possible.
But first we need to know where exactly currently content files are installed and registered with you. So, as Derrek already mentioned, in the Steinberg Library Manager click on the Details button for each listed item. Though it is quite tedious, but please go and make a listing. Thank you very much.

Thanks Ulf…can’t I just delete everything and reinstall from scratch so that I don’t have to go through this tedious work? I’m happy to do that if possible, as long as that could solve the problem rather than recreating the same issues once again.
Many thanks and best

what exact folder should I check the permission on?

Okay, if you prefer it this way, then go ahead, but some points to mind.

  • I would not reinstall the Dorico app as such, since it has nothing to do with your problem
  • Go to the Steinberg Library Manager and via the Remove button delete all entries. And another important point: Not only do that on the HALion tab, but also on the GrooveAgent tab.
  • In your Downloads folder, delete the subfolder Steinberg completely
  • Via the Steinberg Download Manager download and (automatically reinstall) all Dorico Sound packages.

Let us know how it goes afterwards.

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content
and all subfolders

Please note that /Library means the Library folder in the root of your computer, not the folder in your home directory.

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Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 15.19.41

I’ll try this thanks

This looks like now all installed at the right and expected place. Do you still have trouble now?

No. I have erased everything as suggested, following your procedure. Now I am reinstalling everything and as I’m doing it these messages keep popping up:

if I look at the content folder, I can see that most of the files are aliases…is that normal?