Dorico 5: Grid editor scrolls away while editing

I’m getting strange behavior on Dorico 5, Mac and Windows. When I have the grid editor open for a percussion kit in Write mode, and I select a note in the upper notation editor, the grid editor rolls/scrolls away to a black screen. I then need to scroll it back down to continue editing.

If I switch to Galley or Page view (whichever it wasn’t set to) it temporarily resolves the problem until I go back to the previous view.

I just verified that this doesn’t occur in Dorico 4

I’ve tried to reproduce this and have so far been unable. Can you take a screen capture showing exactly what’s happening and share it here?

Yes, absolutely. Please follow the link below to a screen capture video which demonstrates the issue. (This is the third computer I’ve experienced the issue on - 2 Macs, 1 Windows 11.)

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Thanks – I can reproduce this in galley view. For the time being, I suggest you work in page view. We’ll try to fix this as soon as we can.


Great. Thank you.

This seems to be resolved in latest update to Dorico 5. Thank you! Now I’m having similar scrolling problems in Dorico for iPad. (I will post separately on that product’s forum page.)

In Dorico for iPad’s Galley view, the percussion grid editor scrolls away while trying to make edits. Please see attached video capture.

No need to open a new thread, since this is the same problem. Dorico for iPad hasn’t been updated, so it doesn’t have this fix.