Dorico 5 : Halion SE Flux library

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Cubase Pro / Artist seems to have to be licensed on a specific machine, otherwise one still seems to need an eLicenser license whenever using the 3.35 GB HALion Sonic SE 3.3.x content pack (just tested it on a separate maching with Cubase LE 12 and HALion Sonic 7: Flux appears unlicensed).

My question would be: why is the HALion Sonic SE 3 VST sound package being associated with Dorico 5 (Pro / Elements) if not all contents can be run via Steinberg Licensing, with Dorico being the “License Boss” (as is the case with Cubase Pro / Artist 12)?


in Steinberg Library Manager, under “DETAILS”, which file version does it show?
Current file version is v2:

File name / File size / File version (current):

If your Flux content file is already at v2, then perhaps you can de-register Flux in Library Manager, and re-register it again and then check if the error persists. Restarting the MediaBay service might also help.

Flux itself is “just” a collection of presets that intelligently use the wavetable section of HALion (Sonic):


As far as I’m aware of, Flux (via HALion SE 3.3.x) has been part of Cubase Pro / Artist since (at least) version 10.5, up until the present day (currently: Cubase Pro 12, HALion Sonic 7, yet older HALion Sonic SE 3.3 content). Dorico Pro / Elements 5 seem to use the same HALion Sonic SE 3.3.x content pack (3.35 GB). One might expect that Activation Manager would allow these to be run within Dorico 5 + HALion Sonic 7 with no problems.

As an example: Cubase Pro 10.5 shipped with the former (free, package integrated) HALion Sonic SE 3.3.x sample player and its *.vstsound files pack (ca. 3.35 GB in size, also part of Cubase’s Pro 10.5’s large content pack which can still be downloaded as a *.ZIP file ca. 20 GB in size).

In contrast, the “weakest” version of all five Cubase variants, Cubase LE 12 currently comes with HALion Sonic 7 plus a very reduced HALion Sonic SE 3 VST sound collection (ca. 1,48 GB in size) which contains Trip, but not Flux.

So, even if a bit repetitive, the following *.vstsound container files belong to that ca. 3.35 GB HALion Sonic SE 3.3.x content package (also to be run with HALion Sonic 7):

On a side note:
sadly, there’s still no comprehensive / public VST Sound catalogue by Steinberg which could easily inform users about “which exact (named) content file(s) belong(s) to which major Steinberg program, or to which VST instrument product generation, or in which file version(s)” - without having to download any *.ZIP content packages / *.ISO files to be able to just look up the file names.

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