Dorico 5 Hangs up

You can e-mail it to Ulf (his email is given in some threads here) or put the file into a Dropbox-like site and post the link to it here.

After spending two days endless reinstalling drivers, Dorico apps, all of a sudden Dorico 5 started to work without crashing. What I did was: I reinstalled RME DK driver, actually dozen of times, and restored Mac OS security setup back to normal in system mode, from reduced security. In Audio Midi setup, I found duplicate RME UFX+ device, and removed one that seemed inactive. In midi setup from Dorico 5, all midi devices that I do not use for note input were disabled. I restarted the computer like many times I already did. Then, all of a sudden, it fixed the problem. I am now learning Dorico 5 happily.

Thank you everyone for the help!

Hi @yvawoo , I*m so glad to hear that you finally got it to work.

@Ulf and @dspreadbury
I downloaded the update in the hope that it would resolve the problem I’m having with Dorico 5, but unfortunately it did not. I did notice that I was not able to use my midi keyboard in the moments that it ran before it hung up again; I don’t know if that is helpful at all.

Thank you.

We have a fix for the problem you are experiencing and will get it into your hands (and the hands of others affected by the problem) as soon as we can, but the fix is not in the Dorico 5.0.10 update released on Wednesday.

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That is great news! I look forward to it!

Thank you.

I am also hanging up after the latest upgrade, or maybe it was my enabling tons of plug-ins last time the previous version was run. Here is my zip file. Grateful for any help I can get, thanks.
Dorico (958.1 KB)

Welcome to the forum, Karl. It looks as if EW Opus is causing the audio engine to crash, and that’s preventing Dorico from starting up. Please check to see if there are any updates to the Opus plug-in available that you could install.

Thanks, Daniel. Now that you mention it, I forgot that same day I also downloaded and I think installed an Opus update. Tomorrow I’ll circle back and double check what really happened or not and what may look odd.

Why I have your attention, thanks to you and your colleagues for the great live video sessions I’ve learned from so far!

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I’m running again. Not entirely sure what did the trick but I did send some crash reports to Steinberg in case that is of any help.