Dorico 5 is buggy and accents/stacatos will not play for me anymore on dorico 5

Ever since I upgraded to Dorico 5 I have experienced nothing but problems. when I try to change tabs from writing to setup for example, I have to click several times before it actually switches over. Additionally, the tab button does darken as if it has been selected but refuses to change over. Additionally, I sometimes find I am unable to move the playhead and instead of starting at the bar I want it to, i have to start at the beginning. And even then, the start at beginning button exhibits a similar bug to the switching of tabs. In addition, sometimes when I try to launch Dorico, it says that “audio engine failed”. On top of that, my AirPods no longer work with Dorico, as in despite Dorico recognizing them, no sound plays out of them and I have restarted Dorico over and over again to get it to work and it wont. On top of that, Dorico is no longer playing stacatos or accents when I place them on violin parts anymore. All of my project from Dorico 4 are fine with stacatos and accents (but all exhibit the button bug), but any new project I create won’t play stacatos. Its quite infuriating when it is a payed upgrade and instead of making the experience better, it makes Dorico practically unusable and the hotfix didn’t help at all. Does anyone know a fix for this?

Hi. About AirPods, have you created an aggregate device on your computer to use them? This used to work fine (since the update I didn’t have to use mine with Dorico so I don’t know if it still does the job).
Reading your post, I thought that those are too many problems, you should probably revert to Dorico 4.3 until there’s another fix. In any case, you paid for whatever version 5 will bring (and I am confident it will be worth every penny), and the Team has already shown how important it is for them to find fixes ASAP

I’m sorry you’ve had a poor experience with Dorico 5 so far.

Try disabling “tap to click” if you have it enabled in your Trackpad settings in System Preferences/System Settings. That may ameliorate the problem with buttons depressing but not releasing when you click them. We are working on a fix for this, but it’s a problem in the underlying Qt framework and we are in touch with their support team about it.

To see why the audio engine is failing to start, we need to see diagnostics: please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here.

As Marc points out, to use your AirPods with Dorico you should create an aggregate audio device:

Regarding the playback of staccatos and accents, make sure you’re using the same playback template that you were using in Dorico 4. If you’re using the built-in sounds, you’ll need to use either HSSE+HSO (Pro) or HSSE+HSO+GASE (Pro) if you want to use e.g. the sampled staccatos that are included in HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

Thank you for your reply. The tap to click is disabled and I am still having issues. Additiobnally, I have checked my playback, and it is the outputs you have listed yet the staccatos still do not play. I am unsure what the issue is there, as it is a project from one of the templates. I’ll try creating a different project and seeing if it works there but I am unsure what to do.
EDIT: It appears that the issue lied in the tempo and durration of notes. If the tempo isn’t fast enough, the playback software will not play crotchets staccato. However, it appears that the accent also is adhering to this weird glitch as well.