Dorico 5 is running; Launch Finale; Steinberg License engine connects to Why

I’m running Dorico 5.1 on Mac Sonoma 14.2.1.
I use Little Snitch to control incoming and outgoing internet connections.
I extract lyrics from .mus files that I open in Finale 25.5.
Something weird happens every time I launch Finale: Little Snitch tells me that the Steinberg License Engine is trying to connect to
Of course I can prevent the connection, but what is this? Why would Dorico reach out to make some connection when I launch Finale? Is Steinberg tracking the use of competitors’ software? :confused:

Because Finale loads the Steinberg VSTs (well, Audio Units) that are on your computer, some of which require a valid licence!

“Little Snitch: giving users entirely normal things to worry about since 2003”

I laughed out loud at your little dig at Little Snitch! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation of why this is happening.