Dorico 5 & License activation manager - not working

Alright I have a now. (89.2 KB)

The log says “Error requesting license consumption”. I don’t really know what that means, but my colleague @Richard_Lanyon probably will.

It looks like you’re using a very old version of the Steinberg Activation Manager, so you need to update that, either by running the Steinberg Download Assistant (which will silently update it in the background) or by downloading a new version here: Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

Most thanks, Richard_Lanyon and everyone. That did the trick.

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I have the same issue as the original post of the license not showing up in the Activation Manager. The difference is that my license automatically received a crossgrad from a Dorico Pro 4 grace period to Dorico Pro 5, so I didn’t make any new purchase and therefore did not receive a new code in my email. Upon entering my original access code from 2 years ago into both the “Products” section online and the Download Assistant, I get messages that the redemption for Dorico Pro 5 crossgrade was successful. Yet when I look in the Activation Manager, it only detects my D4 license. How can I get it to update and include the ability to activate D5?

Welcome to the forum, Abe. I’ve checked your account, and I can’t see any reason why you would have been notified that you are eligible for a grace period update to Dorico 5: you first activated Dorico 4 in June 2022, which is considerably before the start of the Dorico 5 grace period, which began in April 2023.

I wonder whether you re-entered your original Dorico 4 Download Access Code into your account, or into Steinberg Download Assistant? It is the case that if you had a new, unredeemed Dorico 4 DAC, you would automatically receive a Dorico 5 grace period update, but if you already redeemed your DAC back in 2022, then I’m afraid you’re not eligible.

There is a promotion running until 26 June that would allow you to buy a Dorico 5 update at a 50% discount, so if you are interested in moving up to Dorico 5, now is a good time to consider buying the update. See: