Dorico 5 - Live Edit.. but not for drum kits?

Just checking that I’m not overlooking something… Seems I can’t drag notes up/down for a percussion kit… e.g., if written out the rhythm, I can’t change the instrument to move the notes of the fill in this case, to various toms, etc.

Since Drum Set notation is actually a form of Condensing, moving notes from line-to-line, etc. does not always follow the same conventions as on a regular pitched staff.

EDIT: But I find ALT/OPT + Arrow keys work for me, as Fred says.

Alt+arrow works fine though. Gif below:

Thx. I’m familiar with the multiple keystroke interaction. I don’t really care that it is a form of condensing ;). I just want the easy way to move notes on the staff that pitched instruments enjoy.

That’s an interesting observation, you’re right. But presumably it doesn’t use the condensing system; I’ll guess it’s a different specialized system just for that instrument.

Daniel actually aknowledged that they used Percussion to refine their condensing model, that it was a kind of beta version of what was to come with Condensing. And that it could explain why some of the 5 line staff representation was really challenging under the hood (as opposed to what could be found on other software that doesn’t deal with percussion with those levels of abstraction).

Gets even more interesting. Pretty rare for a team to recognize and link up different but related systems like this. For various reasons (it’s easier) they get islanded, so another example of the maturity of this team.

Yeah that drum kit system looks to be pretty complex. In a private conversation John is releasing a map for the Simon Phillips Studio set, but that set is so big apparently it uncovered an issue with the key editor (it got sorted out)

Yes, it’s a known issue that right now live note editing doesn’t work correctly with percussion kits. It’s something we plan to address in future.


@dspreadbury I was glad to see this added for 5.1… however, question: if a percussion kit has >1 instrument or playing technique on a given staff position, is there a shortcut to scrubbing through them? My initial assumption was that Shift (which, IIRC, for a pitched instrument moves notes chromatically) would let one change instruments/notes on the same line/space. I know one can alt/arrow… but it’s a bit awkward to have to go between these two interactions of mouse/drag + alt+arrow to dial in a given note.

No, I’m afraid at the moment there’s no way to cycle through the different playing techniques in a percussion kit using live editing.