Dorico 5 Live Stage window group/ungroup feature working?

Having a hard time figuring out how the group/ungroup feature works when creating/saving a Live Stage template. I’ve read about the feature in the 5.0 manual and watched Anthony’s video, still not getting how it works. I get visual feedback when grouping and ungrouping, just don’t hear/see what is supposed to happen after that. Also, the grouping is not saved with the template. Bug or lack of understanding?

The idea behind the grouping feature in stage templates and the Live Stage is that the groups correspond to player groups in the Players panel in Setup mode.

Thanks for the reply. However, I don’t think this works correctly. The manual says " the groups you define in the stage template will be used when you group players in setup mode, when appropriate."
There is still a lot of confusion here (for me).

  1. Do you create the groups first in Setup Mode and then group them in the Edit Space Template window or vice versa?
  2. Either way, all visual feedback for grouping is lost in the Live Stage window. When setting up in the Edit Stage Template window if I click cancel, the window closes. Reopening it shows I’m back to the unedited (ungrouped) setup. If I save the Stage Template and then apply it to the project, the grouping doesn’t show up.

What is supposed to be happening in the UI to give feedback?

I tried this on the factory string quarter template, added two condensed choirs in setup and grouped them there.

I’m on Dorico 5.0.1, Intel Mac Mini running Monterey

Any tips appreciated…

There’s no direct correlation between the players you have in your specific project and the instruments and groups defined in the space template. A template is just that: a set of rules for how Dorico should position instruments on the virtual stage when the template is applied.

So in your template you can define, for example, the positions for your ungrouped string quartet players, and then define the positions for two SATB choirs, each in its own group.

When you start a new project and create a matching set of players, then apply your stage template, Dorico will use the rules defined in the template to determine the position of each player. The sopranos in the first group will be positioned according to the corresponding position for the sopranos in the first group from the template, and so on.

However, once the stage template has been applied, there’s no longer any direct connection to the stage template itself: now you’re just dealing with the calculated positions of each instrument. So the Live Stage doesn’t show you the group indicators that you see in the Stage Template dialog, because it’s simply concerned with the current positions of each instrument.

I hope this helps to clarify what’s going on, but please do let me know if not!

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Thanks again for the reply - yes, that definitely helps clarify things (and a little more experimenting on my behalf with Dorico…).