Dorico 5 locks on VST

It is just a signal of a strange behaviour of D5.
All my library sits in Vienna Ensemble Pro. The score is a simple orchestration, string section, violin solo, viola solo, 2 guitars, harp and piano. I had violin solo connected to BBC SO violin solo, did not like it, disconnected and connected to LASS violin first chair. And from this moment on D5 stayed connected to this VST even after I disconnected violin solo from it. So first in VST panel I disconnected all VSTs, saved and reopened the score. LASS fc was reconnected. Then I deleted all VSTs, so VST and MIDI panel was empty. Closed and reopened the score, LASS fc gets reconnected. Then, finally, I deleted all players in setup panel, thus making the file EMPTY. Saved and reopened it and LASS was once again reconnected. I also reloaded VEP instance several times to exclude the possibility of error on its side.
If D5 developers are interested in this strange behaviour I can submit the file for their analysis.

Hi Witold,
yes! Please send the project file to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks a lot


That’s an interesting one. According to the audio engine data in your project, there shall be 7 Kontak instances and 1 VSL instance. The project just loads fine for me, but I don’t have Kontakt or VSL and therefore all slots stay empty, which is totally reasonable in my case.
I wonder though in your case, because you have those instrument plug-ins.
So it must be, that Dorico and the audio engine disagree on the current state of the audio engine.
If you go to Play mode and in the left column choose the VST and MIDI tab, what is shown there with you? Can you maybe take a screenshot? Thanks

I know it sounds stupid, by I cannot find the project I sent you. But I remember the situation as I described it earlier: the left column in Play mode was empty, because I removed all VSTs. As for screenshots, if you sent back the project I will open it and take the photos.

@witold , I need to check, maybe I deleted it already, don’t know.
Do you still know the name of the project?

Please, give me a moment. I must have it stored somewhere.

Hi @witold ,
I’ve found it and sent you via mail.

Hi Ulf,
I am sorry, but I got nothing from you. Perhaps a wrong mail address?

Hi, I did send it Nov 29th, but anyway, I’ve sent it again now via a private message in this board. Please check and come back immediately if you did not get it.