Dorico 5 long load and unload times

I’m experiencing what I consider long load and unload times with Dorico 5.
So, “long” is a relative term, so I will clarify what that means for me here. My system configuration and software are shown below.

Loading/Unloading times (see related project attributes below)
Note: The orchestral libraries are stored on the ‘G’ drive shown below (SSD):
Loading my Dorico 5 Project: 3 min 30 sec (on average)
Unloading my Dorico 5 Project: 5 min 30 sec (on average)

System Configuration
Windows 11 Professional OS
HP Z4 G4 i9 10900X 3.70 GHz (20 logical processors)
128 GB RAM (8 banks of 16 GB sticks)
‘C’ drive: 1 TB m.2 NVME
‘D’ drive: 1 TB m.2 NVME
‘G’ drive (HP Z Turbo Drive 2 TB). HP claims it’s “significantly faster than standard SSD”, but that hasn’t been my experience.

Project Configuration
28 BBC SO Pro instruments (each with its own player)
1 ModArtt PianoTeq 8 Standard plugin (acoustically modeled, not sampled)
6 EastWest Opus Percussion instruments (in one ‘player’, each on its own
5 EastWest Opus String Keyswitch Instruments (in one ‘player’ each on it’s own
channel). This is a separate player from the player for the EastWest percussion

Could it be as simply as the fact I’m using a normal SSD to store my orchestral libraries? Are my load/unload times normal, relatively speaking for a computer similarly configured as mine?

Hi @rothvin ,
one thing is the loading time of Dorico, one thing the l.t. of the libraries.

Maybe you can specify what you mean by “loading time”: from the moment when you click on the Dorico icon to open it, till:

  1. the music appears and you can start editing,
  2. the music appears and also the green play button is active (samples loaded), and you can start the playback?

What happens if you make following:

-open your project.
-When loaded (green play button), click on the blue Activate Project button (see picture), to turn it grey.
-When grey, than save your project. (Dorico should save the activation state of the Project).
-Close the projects and close Dorico.
-Restart Dorico and open the Project.

Are the loading times now shorter?

Does the loading slowness appear only on one particular Project, or one particular Template, or with all the projects?

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The time I gave for the load time is from the moment I double click on my project until Dorico opens it and the play button turns green (with Dorico being already open). The unload time is how long it takes for my project to close and for the hub to reappear on the screen.

That’s Dorico loading your samples. Test it with a copy of the document, using the default HALion samples, and see if there’s a difference.

28 BBCSO instruments will take some time to load.

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