Dorico 5 - MXL export compatibility

I produce some arrangements for a Big Band and have often exported the MXL for the other arranger working with the Band. he is now reporting that he cannot import the files into Sibelius - which is reporting that the MXL is a newer version.

  1. Is this true - is the MXL a newer standard that is dot backwards compatible?
    2.How can I overcome this problem?

one can export in a variety of xml formats.

Dorico 5 now exports xml files as version 4 (which AFAIK is the current xml standard). I’m surprised Sibelius objects. Normally import programs just ignore the bits (if any) they cannot understand, though sometimes that can be unsatisfactory!

I don’t import to Sibelius any more, but it might be useful to send the Dorico export through MuseScore first.

None of these import to Sibelius
All import to Musescore
Probably an issue with Sibelius

Going via Musescore does not solve it
Sibelius looks like the source of the problem, though the issue did not arise with earlier Dorico versions

You could perhaps try just changing the header of the xml file from 4.0 back to version 1.0, and see what happens?

Richard, I believe the most recent versions of Sibelius can at least import MusicXML 4.0 files, though the software doesn’t support any of the newly-added features in MusicXML 4.0. If possible, ask your Sibelius-using recipient to update to the most recent version.