Dorico 5 - new Fonts not appearing / installed

Hi I’ve updated from D4 to D5 an

d I cannot find the new Fonts (for example Leipzig, Sebastian). I previously installed the Finale fonts and Leland on D4 and it was working perfectly. The new fonts haven’t been installed in the SmuFL/fonts folders, neither in the fonts book of my Mac. I succeeded to reinstall the Finale one with their installer but struggling with Leland (otf and json are installed) . Not sure what to do to to get the new fonts offered with D5 (Leipzig, Sebastian, etc).

Any suggestion ?

I found out that my Leland json file didn’t have the same name as the otf so that’s one part of the problem that’s solved !

There have been a couple of reports of missing fonts, but usually fixed by reinstalling.

Note that MakeMusic’s font installer creates JSON files for the TEXT fonts – e.g. FinaleMaestro Text, Finale Jazz Text, etc.

As a result, they get listed in your Music Fonts dialog (as illustrated), but they aren’t actually music fonts – they only contain text characters!

Also note that the Dorico 5 installer has a slightly updated JSON file for FinaleMaestro, which assigns text families to the font, as in the “Actualiser les polices du texte…” option.

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I have a working theory that the Dorico 4.3.31 update is deleting the fonts.

Have you recently run it?


I own Finale 27 mainly to view files and export MusicXML. Does it do any harm to Finale, when I delete the JSON files for the text fonts?

None whatsoever.

Yep I have both installed D4.3.31.1134 and D5.0.20.2042 I am gonna try to reinstall D5 and launching it after D4 and let you know

So the reinstallation worked perfectly and I have now all the fonts ! Thx a lot BW!!
I’ve also tried to launch D4 and then D5 but it hasn’t affected the fonts list in D5… it is still complete
Not sure what went wrong the first time

We’ve investigated this today. It seems that the font components of the macOS installers for different versions of Dorico aren’t set up to prevent “downgrading”. This means that if you have Dorico 5 installed and you run the Dorico 4 installer, it will actually replace the v5 fonts with the v4 ones. This is a mistake on our part, and we’ll fix it for future releases, but for now it’s easy to fix just by running the v5 installer again.


Thanks for acknowledging this. It has really caught me by surprise and it is something very unusual with Dorico :wink:

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