Dorico 5 no Audio Output Device

My setup: Windows 10, Realtek audio, Dell computer
Dorico 5 is not finding my Realtek (speakers/headphones) audio output in the device setup, so I cannot play audio from Dorico. It works fine for all other programs.
Realtek is set as the windows default audio option.
Dorico 5 is finding the Realtek audio input.

Welcome to the community, @Edward_Clark .

Check your device drivers, your Playback Template, and your Dorico Mixer levels.

Go to the Device Setup Dialog and click on the Control Panel button. Then untick the topmost option about exclusive access, then the Realtek ports should become visible.

Thanks, that worked. Now I need to fix that the sound comes in mono and only from the left channel.

In the Device Setup dialog is a message that warns about that mono case. Click on that message and you will get redirected to a Steinberg webpage with instructions of what you need to do.