Dorico 5 no Audio Output

I’m using macOS Monterey, and I downloaded Halion Sonic and all the other stuff, but it’s saying that I don’t have an Audio Output. How can I fix this problem?

Welcome to the forum, @yeungliu2003. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here?

Hi @yeungliu2003 , adding to Daniel’s advice, before doing ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ please load an empty project or one of the demo projects into Dorico. If you do like that it becomes easier to analyse for us. Thanks

Dorico (747.9 KB)

Here it is. Sorry for my late reply

It really does appear that Dorico can find no audio device to connect to. What devices appear in Edit > Device Setup in Dorico?

Nothing appears in Stereo Output

Your sampling rate is too low (8 khz) - change it to at least 44.1 khz.

I changed it, but it still doesn’t give me any option for stereo output. But thanks for your help.

If you go to the Device Setup dialog (Edit > Device Setup) and click on the Device Control Panel button, a new little window appears. Are there any audio ports (in- or output) listed and also enabled?