Dorico 5 no midi keyboard-strange issue


I have the strangest issue with Dorico 5.
when I open a new project and upload a piano channel to play, Dorico doesn’t react to my midi keyboard when I’m trying to play (it does react to notes written in the score itself but doesn’t let me play my midi keyboard). due if I load an old project (from Dorico 4) it is playing and all is good.
it’s exactly the same configuration… what am I doing wrong?
can somebody please explain where is the problem?
thank you

Hi Daniel

I had the same issue with both my midi keyboards not working in Dorico 5 (one via USB and one via midi Din plug from audio interface). Everything still worked in Dorico 4, and no changes to to preferences made initially in D5.
It took me a short while to figure out what was wrong but the solution is:
In ‘Edit>Preferences’ select ‘Play’ scroll to the bottom and expand the ‘Advanced Options’ then untick ‘Enable WinRT MIDI’ and select ‘Apply’.
Not sure why this why this was checked by default? But doing the above seems to solve the issue.

thnx so much Dave!
cant understand why Steinberg complicated this in that way.

That’s odd, since my installation of Dorico 5 seems to have carried the unticked WinRT MIDI over from my Dorico 4 preferences.