Dorico 5 No Sound

I have Cubase 12 Pro, URC816C. Win 11 Pro, i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00GHz ,64 GB RAM, Generic ASIO, Steinberg ASIO, Flex Asio, HALion 7, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE. All products work (Cubase, all HALions, etc) EXCEPT for Dorico 5. I’ve tried recommendations from this forum, YouTube and anywhere else I could find people with similar issue. THE ISSUE IS NO SOUND. I’ve included the Dorico diagnostics report. I give up, please help.

Dorico (1.3 MB)

At first glance, everything in your diagnostics looks OK to me, so we probably need the eagle eyes of my colleague @Ulf to help you here. Don’t worry – we will get playback up and running on your system very soon.

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Hm, as Daniel mentioned, from the logs and things, at first sight it all looks okay.
Please start a new project from piano template and enter a few bars with arbitrary notes. Then switch on the metronome and hit the play button. Can you at least hear the sound of the metronome then?
If so, then go to the Play mode, there to the VST and MIDI tab on the left side. Click the little e-button to open the HALion editor window, is there a piano sound loaded into the first slot? If so, what does happen when you click with the mouse on the keyboard at the bottom of that window?

Interesting, that worked. Now let me go back to the supplied projects and see if they work

Could it be the same issue like in this thread?

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The example projects have no sound but do have metronome. I’ll try the link you referenced

That fixed it. The preset installer file that I just used did not allow me to specify where it would be loaded so I haven’t yet searched for it.
What did I do wrong? I downloaded Dorico and followed the installation instructions. I’d like to know for my own reference.

Glad to hear that it is fixed. It’s a little mishap on our side. Dorico comes now with HALion Sonic as default player and a new HALion Sonic Selection sound library. Here a quote from Daniel in that other thread:

"Unfortunately the HALion Sonic Selection sounds, which is the new name for the HALion Sonic SE factory content, have had some changes that mean Dorico can’t load many of the patches. My apologies that we were not quite ready with a solution for this problem – it’s been on my list of things to take care of but it’s fallen through the cracks. "

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Thank you. Have a good weekend

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