Dorico 5 Not Condensing Clarinets and Bassoons (in general, woodwinds)

Having invested a fair amount of time researching here and elsewhere, I’m unable to determine why I cannot get the clarinets and bassoons in this file to condense. They have the same notation sets in each, respectively.

Thank you!

O2 Ex 10.1 Horizontal Balance A V0.1a.dorico (1.4 MB)

If I turn on Condensing and go to Layout Options > Players > Condensing, I can see that the Clarinets and Bassoons have explicitly been excluded from condensing.


Frighteningly embarrassing; and incredibly simple solution. I have no idea how exactly those two instruments got checked. Thanks!

Also, good to note that the instrument list and excluded selections do not show up unless the condensed score is activated.

It might be that you meant to create a custom condensing group for them and checked the box thinking it was related in the process of doing so.

The UI is a bit misleading here I feel, so someone could potentially easily check those two boxes thinking it was part of the process of creating custom condensing groups, kind of like the “add instruments” window in Sibelius or Finale where you would hit a → button to move it from the list on the left to the list on the right.