Dorico 5 not recognising some font styles

Dorico’s default Immediate Tempo Text Font style is bold. I generally prefer Minion Pro Medium but attempting to select this style in a new document causes Dorico 5 to revert to Bold. Ironically, selecting Semibold, Condensed or even Bold causes Dorico to revert to Regular. I have to load newly created files into Dorico 4 to be able to change this, as the Font Styles window behaves normally in the older version. Has anyone else experienced this?

I had a similar experience.


Out of curiosity, have you modified the font at all? I know that at least one other user had some issues, but they had modified the font, and resetting the metadata/font cache on that file seemed to fix the problem, if memory serves.

I haven’t


I haven’t modified the font at all, and besides, Dorico 4 seems to have no problems with it. Could it have anything to do with the Qt problems Dorico 5 is having, or is that unrelated?

Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce this problem, and we’ll look into it as soon as possible.