Dorico 5 not selecting chords

Dorico 5 does not select notes and chords simultaneously
z except with lasso. changing filter settings does not help. Lasso is no good for long passages to be copied.

Chord symbols by default are “global”, meaning they behave like system objects. To select chord symbols along with notes, you either need to marquee select (as you discovered) or use the system track to select everything in the system within the given region.

If you’re wanting to copy notes and chords to the same bars, it’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t need to copy the chord symbols: because they’re global, you can just set other players to show chord symbols, and they’ll appear in those same bars automatically.


Thank you for explaining. I am still somewhat confused. In filter one can include or exclude notes and chords. Why? It seenms to have no effekt on copying.

Tom Harry Halvorsen

Filters are subtractive - they can only take away from what’s already selected. If you’ve made a selection that doesn’t include chord symbols, filtering can’t add chord symbols to the existing selection.

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So how do I select oftes and chords?

Tom Harry Halvorsen

@Tom_Harry_Halvorsen Lillie already answered:

You select all the content of the desired bars with the System track (or the marquee selection) and then filter out what you don’t need with the filters (set on deselect only)

Just to avoid confusion: in the Filter/Notes and Chords command, the Chords referred to are the real written out chords in the notation, it is not referring to Chord symbols.
And as corollary, if you select a bar with the system track, you will see in the Filters the Notes and Chords (the notated chords) choice and it will also appear the Chords Symbols choice, because they are currently selected, as @pianoleo pointed out.

Sorry Christian, but this isn’t how this works. Well, I suppose it is if you right-click in order to bring the Filters up, but if you go Edit > Filter you’ll get the complete list of options, regardless of what’s selected on the page.

It’s not that you’re wrong; it’s that you’ve not specified how you’re getting to Filters, and there are multiple ways.

Yes, I forgot to mention that this applies to Filters contextual menu, that is with right click after selecting. (probably because I never use the menu for this, because the contextual menu with right click selectively shows only what is possible to filter with the actual selection and is much more comfortable.)

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Thx to both of you anyway! I Get it noe. Great Tool! Vert efficient.

Tom Harry Halvorsen