Dorico 5 not showing in Activation Manager

I purchased the upgrade. Download Manager installed Dorico 5 OK. But when I go to run Dorico 5, there is nothing in Activation Manager for Dorico 5. Am I missing an important step?

When I go to MySteinberg web page, Dorico 5 does not appear in my products. Is there some delay before that data is updated?

It looks, Craig, as if you’ve not yet activated your Dorico Pro 5 update activation code.

How do I do that?

Something seems goofy here because when launching Dorico 5, I get a message about Activation Manager not running, but it is running.

Did you receive a Download Access Code in the email receipt you received from our online store? If so, go and type it in at Sign in

Then run SAM again and refresh, and your Dorico 5 license should appear in there.

OK. That works. Thanks.

P.S. I would have bought the upgrade if scrubbing was the only feature. Or “suppress playback on passes.” I think you buried the lede on that one. :slight_smile: