Dorico 5 playback issue

I’ve been using Dorico with Note Performer ever since I switched from Sibelius to Dorico. Here is my problem: when writing an orchestral score, I use the piano staff for my sketch (to be displayed and not played back). If I mute the piano track, the 1rst flute sound switches to a snare sound. If I don’t mute the piano track, everything’s fine, the 1rst flute sounds like a flute, except that the piano plays back also.

Any idea? I’m using Dorico 5 with Note performer 4. I’ve tried to reinstall NP without any success.

I must add that I experience the same behavior using Halion. So it doen’t seem to be a NP issue.

I don’t see any flute in your NotePerformer instance, so I find it really weird that you are supposed to hear flute… Or is there another instance of NP? How come muting an instrument in this instance could change the routing of another instance? That really doesn’t seem logical. Could you post a cut down project that exhibits this behavior, along with simple steps to reproduce it?

I have 3 instances of NP. I showed only the one with the piano.

Here is a snippet of the begining of the score:

Here are some audio files to help hear the problem.
1-Before_changing_anything (with the piano sketch played back)

2-After_muting_the_piano (without the piano but with the perc sound instead of the flute)


Steps to reproduce:
1-Playback an orchestral score with a piano track.
2-Mute the piano in the instance where it appears.
3-Flute 1 sound is changed to a perc sound by this manipulation.

Can you reapply the NP Playback Template and see if that corrects the problem?

Sorry. I cannot reproduce this behaviour.

I tried it already. I load the ‘silence’ template first and then reload the NP template but then the piano is back unmuted so I end up in a vicious circle.

Perhaps a good approach would be to use a separate VST instrument for the piano. You could create a new playback template that uses NotePerformer for everything other than piano, and e.g. HALion Sonic SE for the piano.

Thank you Daniel,
I tried what you suggested and It seems to work the way I want it. I’m not sure that I did it correctly though as I’m not that familiar with playback template duplication/modification… Anyhow, for the time being it works . Thanks again.

All the best