Dorico 5 player on noteperformer issues (Glissando playback - Delayed start)

Hi, I opened a project in dorico 4 in dorico 5, but when I played it with noteperformer it sounds different. The glissando sounds faster. I have also had this happen with Ik multimedia libraries, is there anything that changes in dorico 5 that I need to configure?
I even created a new file and they sound different in the Dorico versions.
Example.dorico (485.9 KB)

Hi @Cytestake the only thing that I can think of is this setting in Playback options/Glissando Lines> Delayed start. If the Delayed start is activated the glissando starts a little later and therefore plays faster. Try to deactivate it.
This option was added in Dorico 5.1, and there is also a Property where you can override the option, and adjust the amount of delay, if you have it activated. :

I made a short video to show how the Delay property can influence the length of an activated Delayed start global option. It is better showed with longer notes, so I applied a gliss. on a half note. (It seems to me that the value “1” is the same as the default that you obtain when this property is not active, but only the global option Delayed start is active in Playback options):

Dorico 4 couldn’t play back glissandi by itself, dorico 5 can. It might therefore be, that you are just experiencing a double glissando, can it be? One created by you, the second automatically done by dorico, which adds up to a super fast gliss?
It’s just speculation, but anyhow between the versions it’s hard to compare, unless you deactivated playback for the gliss Line in the properties.

Thank you very much! That was the problem with the audio playback.

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@Cytestake You are welcome, Roberto!
(I took the liberty to add to the title of this thread some words that can help the users that search for the same thing to find it faster)