Dorico 5 Pro: “Audio Engine Process Died” message

Unable to open Dorico.
Windows 11, Scarlett FocusRite 212 4 gen.

The other programs run without problems: Ableton, Cucabse

Welcome to the forum @gianluca.barragato .

Can you at least start up to the Dorico hub window? If so, please choose from the Dorico main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report . The corresponding zip file please send to u dot stoermer at Steinberg dot de. Thanks and apologies for having trouble with Dorico


Thanks for the answer. No…unfortunatly Dorico does not start at all…I tried to reinstall many times…downloading from steinberg, using download assistant…nothing.

I can attach the diagnostic it generates just before crash…BUT THIS FORUM HAS A LIMIT OF 4MB…it is 25…where can I send the diagnostic?

I am available for a remote connection to solve the problem that prevents me using Dorico at all. Thanks

I give you an extra information.
I have just reinstall windows 11 because my hard drive broke.

Before the reinstallation I used Dorico, although it always had weaknesses on audio engine. Sometime it lost, I had to restart dorico…but I could use with some headache. After reinstalling Windows 11, the problem became CRITICAL.

NOTE: ableton works without problems, Cubase as well…everything ok but Dorico


Please send directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

Thanks a lot. I will use the following mail, because yahoo has trouble with an attach of 25MB…

gibar dot music at gmail dot com


Hi @gianluca.barragato ,

thanks for the data. It shows that you have crashes in the Steinberg Built-in ASIO driver, but also that you don’t have the latest driver version.
Please download and install the latest from here.
I hope that new version will fix your problem.

Unfortunatly the same mistake after uninstall and reinstall asio…I sent you a mail with the new diagnostic.
Thanks and regards

Thank you for your kind availability. The problem seems solved

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