Dorico 5 Pro w/Metagrid Pro (iPad) on Windows

Anyone here have experience with Metagrid Pro and Dorico on Windows?

I’m unable to access any Dorico menu commands in Metagrid except by programming individual Key Commands one-by-one as keyboard shortcuts in Metagrid. Tedious.

It appears that MGP works well on Mac and users can directly access all Dorico menu commands? Or, directly assign all Dorico Key Commands stored in a “.json” file?

I can find no .json files anywhere on my Windows PC., leading me to think this is Mac-only.

Any help much appreciated!

(Unfortunately, MGP’s developer has not responded to my inquiries on his forum, so I thought I’d ask here. It’s a great program but some issues like mine seem to fall through the cracks…)

Looking at this page, it does not say “Windows” for Dorico.

Right you are. That (sadly) explains it!