Dorico 5 Project List Not Appearing After Closing

First, my setup: Dorico 5.0.10 (30 May 2023) running on Windows 11 Pro (2H22), 32Gb RAM

Now, the issue: if I close a project (whether I save my changes or not), sometimes Dorico vanishes (as expected), but the Project Screen that lists your recent files, fails to reappear. My only option is to kill Dorico and the VST Audio Engine in Task Manager, and then hope I can restart it without rebooting Windows.

So to be as clear as possible:

1) Run Dorico - see Welcome/Project List Dialog
2) Choose a project to open - see project as previously saved
3) Close project
4a) Sometimes, return to Welcome/Project List Dialog after a couple of seconds
4b) Othertimes, see nothing!

With (4b), Dorico continues to run in the background, but with no windows visible, and the only option is to zap it and VST using the Task Manager, or reboot Windows.

Has anyone else experienced this?

This isn’t something that I’ve seen reported before, I’m afraid.

Thanks Dan - I’ll see if I can find some kind of pattern as to when this happens.

I know the first time it happened was a couple of days after I first installed Dorico 5 Pro, and it was after I loaded a MIDI file created in Finale 2005 from an old score of mine. I have no idea if this is connected or not.

I’ll update this thread with more info if the issue persists, and/or I find a specific series of events that leads to it happening repeatedly.

Best, Brian

This happened to me a couple of times. In one case, opening a Dorico 4.3 project, editing and saving in 5.0.10. The next time I ran Dorico I got an error message something along the lines ‘Dorico didn’t close correctly do you want to recover the files listed’

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Yep, I get that message too the next time I successfully reboot Dorico, usually after a Windows restart!

Weirdly, I have one VERY simple MIDI file I created yonks ago (25-Sep-90), probably in “Encore”, which I load straight into Dorico 5, and then once it’s on screen, press the “Play” button, nothing happens. Then if I click “Activate this Project”, Dorico 5 freezes solid. Any further clicks, and the entire application greys out, with the “Dorico (Not Responding)” label on the main window. Definitely requires either a shut-down from Task Manager, or a system reboot.

Then, of course, when I try Dorico again once everything is back up and running, the first file it offers to restore, is the very one that crashed it!

Or, at least, USUALLY. Sometimes, the file just works fine.

I’ve not yet uploaded this MIDI file, but might do so, if I can figure out anything I do differently when it causes the usual crash, rather than loads fine!

Oh software testing was SO much easier back in the days of MS-DOS !!! :slight_smile:


Yes, this also happens to me occasionally, although not as much with Dorico 5. In Dorico 4 this happened quite often.

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There is a Preference to show the Hub or not when quitting all files in Dorico, but of course that should exit Dorico entirely if the Hub does not appear.

Hi Derrek, not actually seen that setting (let alone changed it!) - all that is happening here, is that MOST times, the “hub” (or whatever it’s called), automatically shows up - and then once in a while, let’s say, 1 in 5 times (though I’ve not actually been counting) - NOTHING happens.

It would be kind of OK if Dorico simply quit, and closed down - but it stays running “in the background”, preventing a re-launch, unless directly killed with the Windows Task Manager!