Dorico 5 - Recording / Scoring to picture issue

Hey all, I’m working on a film score currently with Dorico 5 and prefer to work in Dorico/score to picture via the notation rather than within the DAW.
I have a few questions which will hopefully help make my process a little easier.

First, when I begin a real-time midi recording from a certain position, Dorico doesn’t always start the accompanying attached video at the correct marker/timecode position. For example, most recently I was attempting to record a cue that started at 00:45:01 but although the score and recording begin in the correct place, the video footage begins at about 00:52:00. In theory this isn’t a huge issue, but it is aggravating when I’m trying to align my composition with something that happens on screen and cannot see the action happening at the correct moment.

Second, I’m wondering how those of you who score to picture go about determining tempi. I’m fairly new to this whole trade, and do not have any formal education on the matter. When working in a DAW is there some way that you can record something and then have the program determine the tempo for you? Do you just guess and try to get it close? I’ve experimented a little bit with features in dorico like tagging my markers as important and dragging them to different positions to change tempi within a region, but I can’t seem to get that to work. Throughout my composition there will be slight fluctuations in tempo in order to match action on screen as well as to properly place hit points on my markers, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this other than by doing the math myself - not necessarily a problem, but I imagined there was a way to do this inside of Dorico.

Lastly, does anyone have any recommendations for books or resources one with minimal education on this subject could read? Books on film scoring, books on orchestration, etc.


I’m not sure whether there have been other books since that do a better job, but this is to my knowledge the seminal book on film scoring:

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