Dorico 5 running very slow

Dorico 5 keeps freezing up, and seems to be running slow. I just installed it yesterday.

Here’s a diagnostic report:
Dorico (532.7 KB)

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Tim. Could you be more specific about which particular operations appear to be slow?

Hi Daniel,

It seems the entire application is sluggish. Oddly, now it seems to be running more smoothly. I’m wondering if it’s something else.

I do have this older USB hub, and I think that may be causing issues with my new Mac Studio. I’ll try unplugging that.

okay, so…

I’m trying to setup a simple playback template, and I just added Kontakt 7. Now, it can’t navigate through the tracks in play mode because it’s now frozen.

Dorico (670.6 KB)

Here is the new project dialog box. As you can see, every tab along the left is dark, indicating I’ve pressed on them, yet nothing is happening.

Dorico (594.1 KB)

Also, in play mode, I can press mute and solo on all tracks, and I can navigate to various buttons, but nothing happens when I tap my trackpad onto the channel. I can’t edit anything.

Do you use “tap to click” on your trackpad? If so, try turning this off to see if that helps at all. I don’t think Dorico is freezing, but rather that your clicks on the buttons in the UI aren’t being properly registered.

I do use a trackpad and tap to click due to tendinitis, and this has never been an issue in the past.I prefer tap to click because it’s easier on my arm.

Is turning off tap-to-click due to a bug in the software?

There’s still some very odd behavior happening…

When I’m in Play mode, there are certain instruments I can’t even select. In this particular case, it’s the Tenor Sax, Lead Vocal, and Guitar 1.

What’s odd is I can select everything perfectly fine in Write Mode and Engrave mode.

This is with “tap to click” turned off. I’ve been using Dorico since 2019, and this has never been an issue.

Dorico (1.2 MB)

Yes, there’s a bug in the new version of the Qt framework that Dorico is built upon that is causing some mouse clicks (actually, some mouse button releases) to be lost. We’re working with the Qt support team to try to get to the bottom of the problem.