Dorico 5 runs slowly when I remove voices from a flow

Dorico (819.8 KB)
When removing voices from a flow, the operation takes an extremely long time - in this case eight minutes. Is this an expected behavior?

I’ve attached a diagnostics report I created immediately afterward.


You mean Players?

If the score is extremely large and complex, with Condensing turned on, then I would expect some delay, as Dorico has to layout the whole score again without those players. 8 mins does sound excessive, though.

I do mean players, sorry.

Yes, it’s a big file, but this is a pretty common wait time for me. The rest of it is great, tho’!

We know that operations involving players and flows can be really slow in Setup mode. There are two problems, really: one is that each action is carried out serially, one after the other; the other is that each operation results in Dorico recalculating the entire layout. This results from a very defensive approach that we took when working on the complex Setup mode operations, to be sure that we never end up making edits that you haven’t asked for. Nevertheless, we do want to improve the performance of these operations in future versions.

You can reduce the performance penalty by ensuring you only have one window for your project, and only have a single layout open; even better if it’s a simple layout like an individual instrumental part. Then you only need to pay the price of updating that single instrument, rather than the full score. Once you’ve made your edits, switch back to the full score and you’ll then only need to wait while Dorico recalculates the full score that final time.

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