Dorico 5 - slow saves on a previously snappy file in 4.3

Just upgraded to Dorico 5 from 4.3.30 and I’m experiencing slow saves on my current project.

A ‘command-s’ yields 8 seconds of spinning beach ball to save. This is a musical theatre piano/vocal score with 9 (four-five minute) flows. Most flows have only one or two vocal lines and piano. This files was saving normally in 4.3.3.

Interestingly, this file takes 8 seconds to save in Dorico 5 regardless of any new edits. i.e. - a “command S” always produces 8 seconds of beachball to complete.

Activity Monitor shows Dorico CPU usage jumps from 13.6% to 693% during a save function on this file. No other apps are running aside from my UA audio mixer.

I’m using the latest Note Performer as my playback engine.
My computer specs are as follows:
Mac OS version 12.6.9
2018 Mac Mini
Intel 3.2. Ghz 6 core I7
32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

Dorico seems to be running normally aside from the slow saves on this file. This is a new issue since my update to Dorico 5 this week.

I tested three other larger files, with mixed results. 1 other file had slower than normal saves. 2 did not.

My Dorico diagnostic file can be downloaded here:

Does it make any difference if you go to File > Project Info, select Project on the left-hand side, then scroll down the right-hand side and deactivate Generate preview thumbnails when saving?


Thanks Daniel - Unchecking the ‘generate preview thumbnails when saving’ did the trick.
File is saving instantly now with no perceivable delays.