Dorico 5: Slurs problem in Print mode

I’ve just come across a curious issue with my cross-staff slurs in piano music. I’ve carefully arranged these to look correct in ‘Write’ and ‘Engrave’ modes. But on switching to ‘Print’ mode (which should normally look exactly the same as the other modes) they are messed-up. Here are some screen-shots.

You have 2 different layouts selected here, Full Score in your top image, and Completed Preludes in the bottom. As long as you compare the same layouts, they should be the same between Write and Print.


It looks as though you edited the slurs in the full score layout but had ‘Locally’ set in the Properties Panel. If you’d set this preference to ‘Globally’, it should have preserved your edits in other layouts. To do this after the fact, you can select all, filter for slurs, and then select Propagate Properties in the Edit menu.

Thanks. These replies are correct, there are two different layouts, and the slur properties have not propagated from one to the other. Neither have some other properties of the original layout.

I have now realised at a more fundamental level I was doing the wrong thing. All I was trying to do was to print some of the completed flows, not printing other, incomplete flows, as one document. I tried creating another layout with only the flows I wanted, but the better solution is just to choose the appropriate flows in Print mode. This achieves what I wanted without creating another layout.

I’ve been using Dorico almost since it came out, and I still find so much to learn about it.