Dorico 5 - Still No String Glissando

Sigh . . . . . . . . .


Would it be so hard to implement it? This is a serious question.

As Daniel has repeated countless times:

Firstly, no software problem is entirely trivial. It all takes time to implement, test, and make sure that nothing else has broken as a result. Without knowing the code, you can’t tell how complex a problem it is; but I can certainly imagine that there is a level of difficulty to it.

Second, time and personnel are limited. Each person on the team has their specialties, so only certain people can do certain work. If they are doing one thing, they can’t do something else.

We have taken some steps towards being able to implement this more easily in Dorico 5, by adding a means in the expression map to specify the pitch bend interval supported by the given patch or device. This means that we can at least judge what kind of interval we could play a continuous portamento or glissando over. It’s certainly something I would like us to work on in future updates for Dorico 5.x if possible.


a timely post as I’ve just been struggling to use pitch bend to emulate string (or esp. brass) gliss. The EM default seems to be 2 (semitones?) but I can get far more than that so have yet to quite get a handle on this. In the end I went back for this specific project (a rare thing these days) to Sibelius where NP gliss. is very well implemented, including in NPPE, even though the general audio quality seems better in Dorico.

Anyway, great you’re hoping to get this sorted in the not too distant future! I have to count myself among the many who were hoping this might make the initial D5 release.

I appreciate that this is a difficult technical issue. I will be patient :pensive: