Dorico 5 + Stream Deck XL issue

I’m finding that since the upgrade to Dorico 5 (including 5.0.1 or whatever the new update is) that Dorico seems to lose its connection with my Stream Deck every once in a while.

I have to reboot my computer for the two to reconnect.

Is anyone else having this problem?

It could be something unique to my computer, I just want to make sure it’s not something easily fixable that I’m overlooking.

Hi @Michel_Edward ,
I have two StreamDeck XL connected on Windows 11.
Until now, I did not face this issue with D5. (However, I did not use it extensively yet…)

When you loose connection with D5, is SD still working with other programs ?

I don’t really use my Stream Deck with anything else, but I have two buttons, one that launches my browser, and one that launches Dorico, and both of those work (in other words, if I close Dorico, the SD will relaunch it… but once Dorico is opened this way, the Stream Deck has no effect within Dorico).

I don’t sense we haven’t heard from @pianoleo much recently, which I expect (hope) means he is either on vacation of tied up with a big project. Perhaps that project involves editing the StreamDesk software to work more smoothly with Dorico 5.

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Or because he is studying the new features of D5.



Pianoleo doesn’t haunt the forum these days the way he used to, for whatever reason, so you’re not crazy. That said, he is still around and made a comment just the other day, so tagging him will get his attention, no doubt.

As for the issue with the OP, I had dorico open for several hours yesterday, including in the background while I was doing other things, and I never lost connection. Are you Windows or Mac? Perhaps that may become relevant.

on Windows (10).

The Stream Deck works fine, for a while. I haven’t noticed any single action that triggers this disconnection.

normally, it’s just I’m working, and try to switch to Galley View from page View and notice that nothing is happening. Then when I press any button, for any function, nothing happens.

One thing you can try is to map the delete key DEL on your SD, start Dorico, when the SD seems blocked, let Dorico opened, start Notepad (for example) write something and see if the DEL key is working or not.
This way you, you will see if SD is affected globally or if it is only Dorico which reject the command.

like I said above, I do have a button on the SD that launches my browser, and that one seems to work even when Dorico loses its connection with the device.

This disconnect doesn’t happen constantly, nor at any really predictable interval.
Since I have more work to do today, I’ll keep experimenting and see if I notice anything specific that might trigger this problem.