Dorico 5 stuck on empty crash report window

I just updated Dorico from version 4 to 5.
When I start Dorico 5, I am prompted with this blank window.
I assume it is supposed to ask the user if they want to send automatic crash reports or not.
Unfortunately, this window is blank and I have no way to select anything.

I also can’t access any of the options in the menu - not even the Help menu.
So, I can’t go to Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
Also, I have to force quit Dorico 5 because I can’t close it from the menu (Exit) or from the keyboard command.

I have already reinstalled both Dorico 5 and SDA - but the problem persists.

macOS Ventura 13.3.1

A workaround is to edit your preferences file to disable the crash report sending. If you go to /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5, and open the preferences.xml file there, you will find something like this partway through the file:


Change “true” to “false”, save the file, and then try restarting Dorico. Then you should be able to create a diagnostic report for us.

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Thank you for the quick reply.
That worked - at least Dorico 5 is now starting properly.
I attached the Diagnostic Report which I generated via Help > Create Diagnostic Report .
Dorico (214.9 KB)

This looks like it’s actually the VST scanner crashing rather than Dorico itself - possibly one for my colleague @Ulf ?

Maybe that’s a second issue.
I personally think that it has something to do with the Qt-Framework.

Activate playback on multiple projects

I just came across a new blank window.
This time it’s the window that asks the user if they want to enable playback when a project is already open in Dorico 5.
I found out that the components are not visible, but you can click on them if you know where they are. Pretty strange!

What version of macOS are you running?

macOS Ventura 13.3.1

Hi @christianhofmann , it is iZTonalBalanceControl and iZReverb that are crashing the VSTScanner.
I’ve attached here two ips files, please take them and file a ticket with the vendor of those plug-ins.
vstscanner-2023-05-24-183117.ips (11.7 KB)
vstscanner-2023-05-25-1129582.ips (12.1 KB)

@Ulf Thank you. Sure! I will do that.
But this is not the reason why my windows are empty, right?

When I open the mixer window it looks like this. Completely blank.
Closing it results in a crash of Dorico 5.

I removed iZTonalBalanceControl and iZReverb for now.

Would it be possible to provide us with a System Report please? You can save one of these from the “System Information” application by choosing File > Save (which generates an spx file).

I’m not quite sure how much this will help you solve the problem or recreate it. However, I can’t attach it here.

Please first zip up the file and then attach

MacBook (506.2 KB)
There you go.

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One thing you could try just as a temporary diagnostic - could you unplug your external display and see if the problem still persists?

Yes, already tried that. The issue still persists.

Thanks for the System Report. As a next step, open your user Library folder (you can see it in Finder’s “Go” menu if you hold down alt/option), navigate to the Preferences folder and delete com.steinberg-dorico5.dialogGeometry.plist. Once you’ve deleted this file, and restarted your Mac, does the problem persist?

You’re welcome.
Unfortunately, yes it does still persist.

Would it be possible to try running Dorico from the Terminal application, using the following command (without the quotes)?

“env QSG_INFO=1 QML_IMPORT_TRACE=1 /Applications/Dorico\\ 5”

Once Dorico is running, it would be useful if you could show one of the windows that is appearing blank (perhaps the mixer is easiest?). If you then quit Dorico and in Terminal save the output (Shell > Export Text As…), zip it and post it here that would be very useful. Thanks.

Sure! (103.6 KB)

Could you let us know the exact model number of your MacBook?