Dorico 5 Unable to load

Equipment: MacBook Pro, running BigSur 11.7, Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,1
Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Core i5,Processor Speed: 2.6 GHz, Number of Processors: 1, Total Number of Cores: 2, L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB, L3 Cache: 3 MB, Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled, Memory: 8 GB
I loaded a keyboard file previously created in Dorico 4. I added 4 horns and a string section.
I was trying to generate a passage for four horns from chords generated by Dorico above a keyboard part (as I would have done in Dorico 4). Dorico 5 just crashed, I’ve tried re-booting but it will not re-load.

Any suggestions welcome,
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John Sadler

Dorico5CrashReport.pdf (217.2 KB)

Sorry to hear this, John. Are you able to find the Dorico 5 crash reports in /Users/your-username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports and zip them up and attach them here so we can take a proper look? Unfortunately it’s hard to extract the right data from the PDF version you’ve attached.

Hi Daniel, sorry it’s taken a while to respond. When I looked for the Dorico crash report I found a system extension left behind by Norton was generating crash reports every ten seconds or so. I have now removed the system extension. There was nothing generated by Dorico.
I will try re-installing Dorico 5 and see if it generates logs.
Thanks for your attention,
John (442.1 KB)
Looks like the crash report associated with Aria may be of interest, have uploaded all the crash reports listed.
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Thanks for these logs, though unfortunately there’s nothing in there that I can make any sense of. Having rebooted your computer, does Dorico 5 now run up again?

No, I’ve re-booted, re-loaded D5 and as it attempts to load it terminates. The only help given is a report to send to Apple, which is what I originally copied to you.
This is very odd, D5 ran until I started to use it, then it crashed, since which time it has not finished loading. For the time being I can use D4.

When I get home I’ll try D5 on my desktop.

If you’re still getting crashes, then there should be some files whose names start with “Dorico 5” in /Users/your-username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports – please take another look and zip up anything relevant in there.

I didn’t realise that I was looking for a hidden file which Mac Finder was unable to see without a few extra commands. Hopefully in the attached is what you need.
kind regards
John (459.4 KB)

Thanks, John. If you choose About This Mac from the Apple menu, does it show that your Mac has an Intel Graphics 5000HD graphics adaptor? If so, you will be experiencing the same problem described here:

The Graphics Adaptor is listed as Intel Iris 1536 MB,

Thanks, John. Could you please make an Apple System Report, zip it up, and attach it here?

If you try the Terminal command shown in the linked thread (being careful to ensure you’re getting the necessary straight quotation marks), does that allow Dorico 5 to run on your Mac?

The text does allow D5 to run but with warnings. D5 crashes on closing, the details are in the exit report file.
Thanks for your help,
Dorico 5 Terminal (30.9 KB)

Sorry, just noticed you asked for a System report - JS MacBook,
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JS MacBook (352.4 KB)

Thanks, John. The crash on exit is to be expected for the time being. We are in touch with the team at Qt about this issue, but I don’t expect a super-fast resolution as it looks like the problem is a bug in the graphics drivers rather than a problem in Qt, and so that means that possibly Apple will also need to be involved.

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