Dorico 5 vs 4


I have Dorico 4 and am trying out Dorico 5 in the trial period.

I noted that a very useful feature from Dorico 4 seems to be missing in 5. In Dorico 4, you could select a particular note, and the click on any notation symbol such a ‘f’ or a ‘>’ , and that symbol will be associated with the selected note.

But with version 5, I am having to drag that symbol and carefully place it near the note of interest to associate it. This is very incovenient since it often misplaces the symbol.

Has this feature been moved in ver 5? And if so is there a way to restore it?


This setting has been around awhile. Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Editing: Creating items with mouse.

Your prefs should have been copied over from v4, so check whether this was the case.

Also: it’s much quicker to use the popovers than drag the mouse to the panel and back. Shift D f. Done.
For articulations, it’s just one key press.

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Solved. Thank you!
I just had to change the default preference under Note editing.