Dorico 5 - VST Crashes

Dorico 5 looks great! Congrats to the team!

I’ve been experiencing crashes, however, when trying to start a VST. Here are steps to reproduce in a basic form along with a diagnostics report:

  1. Start Dorico 5
  2. From hub, create new solo piano project
  3. Click Play mode button
  4. Click VST and MIDI tab
  5. Add VST instrument - HALion Sonic
  6. In VST, select YamahaS90ES Piano on channel 1
  7. Back in Dorico, click Track Inspector tab
  8. Select HALion Sonic from dropdown menu for piano track → VST window closes, piano channel is added to mixer in lower zone
  9. Click Write mode button → hangs

Dorico (2.5 MB)

This might be the same issue as here, but not sure.


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