Dorico 5 Whitelist

It’s been a while since I needed to Whitelist something, but now that I’ve upgraded to 5.1.32 I just can’t find where to do it. I’m looking at VST Plug-ins at the bottom of the preferences menu, but don’t see where to add. Maybe I’m doing something daft?

I’m not sure what the problem is if this is not available. It is in my window.

You’re running Dorico Pro?

Yes I have the latest version of Dorico Pro

Hi @davidhicken,
you are most likely on a new Mac with Apple silicon and running Dorico in native mode. We don’t support VST2 plug-ins any more on Apple silicon native.
If you really need VST2 plug-ins, you have to run Dorico in Rosetta mode.

Thanks Ulf. Now I understand