Dorico 5 won't open

Hi - a couple of hours ago, Dorico 5 just froze (Mac OS 13.3). I force quit and when I tried to open it again, I got the beach ball at the point where the launch window said “Initializing Font Metadata.”

Tech support is closed for the weekend, so I thought I’d post the issue here and see if anyone had any ideas as to why this might be happening.

Try following : launch /Applications/Utilities/Activity In the list of processes find VSTAudioEngine and kill that process. After that Dorico should start just normal.

Thanks very much for that tip! The good news, after starting up in “Safe Mode,” D5 seems to back online. (Whew!) Bad news: I have no idea what went wrong.

Also - VSTAudioEngine only shows up in the Activity Monitor when Dorico is running, yes? So I wouldn’t have seen it anyway if the program hadn’t really opened. I WILL keep that tip in mind, though.
Thanks again!

Right, on startup Dorico also launches the VSTAudooEngine process, and equally terminates it when Dorico terminates. But sometimes the VSTAudooEngine stays behind as a zombied process and that one is in the way then, so that Dorico can’t start anymore and hangs indefinitely.

Well - I spoke too soon. It’s still happening. When launching, it gets to “Initializing Font Data” and hangs. Grrr …

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Try restarting your computer so that you can be sure all relevant processes are gone. Then try running Dorico 5 again.

Alright, unable to start D5. See screenshots below. As you can see, there’s no VSTAudioEngine coming up on Activity Monitor.
I’m running D5 on Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1
I’ve rebooted numerous times after using CleanMyMac and DiskUtility.
But to no avail.

I’ve sent you a private message via this board. Please check

I have resolved the problem from last June. (I had to erase my computer and reinstall everything.) :roll_eyes:

Thanks for checking.