Dorico activated or not?!?

Hi, just noticed, that Dorico 4 is activated on my computer,

but if I open the My Steinberg account, there is no computer connected to my account?!?

Don’t know, if this has been reported before. A just did a quick search …

A friend of mine had the exact same thing.


My account looks the same. I don’t think you need to worry. They are still working the kinks out.

same situation for me … I installed Dorico4 on the studio pc and on the laptop, but for steinberg it is not installed anywhere.

I’m sure @Ben_at_Steinberg and @Richard_Lanyon will pick this up and be able to tell you why this is the case in due course. (Some of the secrets of Steinberg Licensing are unknown to me at this early stage.)

I believe it’s a bug in the My Steinberg page. I’m not familiar with the details (Ben probably knows more), but you may find that if you Deactivate and then Activate again in SAM then it will start to show the correct information.

Hi Richard, I tried to deactivate Dorico 4 in the SAM, but that is not possible - which is much better than not being able to activate it … :slight_smile:
(I clicked the button deactivate a lot of times.)

As long as Dorico 4 is running for me, it is no problem. I just want to help with the new software. Tell me, if you want me to test somethimg else.

Thanks for the offer! I think for the moment if your system is working then I’d rather leave it that way, but if it would be useful for you to check anything later on then we’ll let you know.

I read in another post, that the SAM will be automatically updated, when I run the SDA. I tried it and now I could deactivate and activate my license in the SAM and now “My Steinberg” also shows, that a computer is connected to Dorico 4.