Dorico Activation bug: "maximal number of activations reached"

I’m in the process of migrating my home studio from Windows to Mac (MacBook Pro 2021 and Mac studio). There seems to be a bug in the activation manager regarding Dorico licenses: I have deactivated my Dorico and Cubase licenses on the windows machines. When I try to activate Dorico on my Mac studio I get a message “maximum number of activations reached” although I have only one other Dorico licensed activated. With Cubase the process worked. On my Steinberg account I get the information that there are 0 Dorico licenses in use. Seems a bit messy… Any ideas how to sort this out?

Yes, go to the mysteinberg site and log into your account.

It is worth ensuring your Steinberg Activation Manager is fully up-to-date on all the machines in question - including the ones where you are trying to deactivate - as in some early versions there were problems in counting seat activations.

The current version of SAM is 1.3.1.

I logged into my account and got the info that Dorico 4 is activated on zero computers, which isn’ t correct cause it is already licensed on my MacBook Pro.

The LM was up to date on all machines when I deactivated Dorico (this happened automatically when I started the LM). However when I try to activate on a second machine I get the error message.

Steinberg Activation Manager doesn’t automatically update itself (this is something we may add in a future version), so I’m not sure what you’re seeing there.

Can you try reactivating and then re-deactivating on the Windows machine, to see what happens there? If that still doesn’t work, can you try zipping up your Activation Manager directory both from the Windows machine and the Macbook, and post them here or email them to me. On Windows this will be %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager and on Mac it will be /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager.

thanks Richard, I’ll give this try as soon as I’m back at my computers.

Hi Richard,
this was successful!

  1. the Activation manager was up to date on all machines. This did not happen by the AM on its own, but when I opened the download manager…
  2. on one of the windows machines the attempt to reactivate Dorico did not work, but resulted in the message that the number of activations had reached the max.
  3. on the other windows machine the reactivation was successful and after deactivating again I could activate the new windows machine.
  4. even after the successful activation on the new Mac studio my Steinberg account shows the info that I haven’t licensed Dorico on any machine.

Thanks a lot for Your fast and effective support (on a Sunday, how cool is that?!)

I’m glad it all worked out!