Dorico Activation: can it be done without an e-Licenser

Hello folks,

A friend of mine (non english speaker) is asking me to post this for him. Will Dorico activation work with a soft e-Licenser?

Here is the scenario:
He used his Dorico trial with a soft e-Licenser. He does not own a USB e-Licenser. When the trial expired, Dorico stopped opening, as expected.
So now, when he opens Dorico, he gets the eLCC message asking for a new activation code. Pressing the “cancel” button closes the dialogue and interrupts Dorico startup. So my question is: if he enters an activation number on that dialogue, will Dorico work without a physical USB e-Licenser plugged into the computer?

See the message here. Its in spanish (ctrl+click to open in a new tab):!1dZnXYhb!uH675X_l2aPAXjjBN4I7q593VsPzCz0LM8VnntchOtI

Thank you!

Yes, Dorico (Pro and Elements) can work with the soft e-licenser. It is well suited if you do not need to work on different computers (it is my case, although I do possess a physical key for WaveLab Pro and Cubase Pro, I prefer to have my Dorico license on the soft e-licenser to avoid the hassle to plug the key…)