Dorico Adding Rests at End of Flow

I have a document that ends in a non-metered section with just one eighth rest at the end.

If I close the document and reopen it, Dorico adds more rests (that incidentally can’t be trimmed off using Trim Flow). If I delete them manually and re-save, it happens again.

Any idea how I can get it to behave?

Set the final measure to 3/8 and hide the time signature.

Great idea… but it doesn’t work! When I changed the time signature, it (naturally) created a few dozen blank bars at the end to hold all the rests. I still can’t trim them automatically, but I trimmed them manually. When I saved and reopened, the blank 3/8 bars were back.

You may then want to attach a zipped up excerpt from the file that illustrates the problem. That is what the Dorico Team usually asks for in difficult to explain situations.

(Are you using tuplets in the Harp part to make those notes compatible with the duration in the other parts?)

I found a solution. I just split the flow at the appropriate point, and then deleted the new flow. There must have been some invisible thing erroneously stored somewhere… maybe an orphaned lyric or dynamic or something whose parent got deleted? Not sure, but now it trims properly.

(To answer your tuplet question: no tuplets; it ended up miraculously that I needed exactly 32 notes there, so those are just smaller 32nd notes.)

Yes, I discovered that when I tried to replicate what you had done. Glad you got it solved.

I expect you had either a marker, or a cue, or some other long-duration item that for whatever reason you can’t see, extending beyond where you intended the flow to end.